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Gourmet restaurant
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Bistrot (in the village)
Tel : +33(0) 4 50 78 35 01
Flocons de Sel - Spa Hotel in Megève

Hotel and Spa in Megève

‘Relax and unwind in our superb spa. A private cocoon with views over the Megève valley.’

The ‘Flocons de Sel’ hotel boasts a niche Spa that offers its guests innovative treatments and massages designed to mirror the Chef’s culinary style. 

Using only the finest organic ingredients, all our products are hand made on site.  We focus on the aromas and health benefits of the many mountain plants, herbs and flowers that surround us. The ingredients for our facials and body treatments draw their inspiration from the restaurant menu.

The theme of our treatments is all encompassing, inspired not only by the aromas of the ‘Flocons de Sel’ menu, but by the mountain seasons, the colours of the crisp white winter and the lush green summer, the pine trees, the mountain flowers and the clear waters of Megève.

To add the finishing touches to this high-altitude haute cuisine, your face will be pampered with a gourmet menu, scented with essential oils, your body will take a stroll across the mountain sides in search of arnica flowers to banish any tension or fatigue.

Whether you're spending a snowy day in the warmth of the spa or just taking some time to relax, why not indulge in some apricot scented ‘sugar flakes’ or ‘fruit-scented petits fours’.

Discover the essence of the ‘Flocons de Sel’ during our ‘Mountain Top Symphony’ massage and enjoy the combined sensations of relaxation and vitality.

Take a break in this highly-renowned mountain hideaway and enjoy total relaxation and positive regeneration in harmony with the seasons, no matter what time of the day…

Our Relaxation Area is open daily from 9am to 7pm
(by appointment)

Treatments include admission to our Relaxation Area.

Amenities and facilities:

- Sauna
- Hammam
- Pool (with swim jet)
- Massages and treatments
- Relaxation room
- Hot tub (38°) on the terrace

‘Gourmet Menu facial’

This treatment cleanses your skin, brightens your complexion, removes any fine lines and soothes any sensitivity or irritation.  It will leave your skin soft and supple.  This treatment is given using a massage ritual that promotes deep relaxation.

70 minutes - € 95

‘A selection of fruit scented petit fours for your face’

For your starter a fragrant peach make-up removal, this is followed by a 'bonbon' compress using either strawberry or liquorice, next savour a draining fig maggage and for your dessert a face mark in the flavour of your choice...

45 minutes - € 60

‘Ultimate radiance facial’

Firming facial treatment, reducing visible signs of ageing using electrotherapy
35 minutes - € 65


Half leg: € 20
Bikini: € 20 / high cut bikini: € 25 / full bikini: € 30
Underarms: € 20
Upper lip: € 10:
Eyebrows € 10:
Half leg - bikini - underarms - upper lip package: € 65 



'Mountain top symphony’

Relaxing and reinvigorating body and face massage to promote well-being, eliminate fatigue and tension and boost energy levels

60 minutes - 80€ / 30 minutes – 50€

‘Arnica massage’

Relaxing muscle massage: ideal for after skiing or walking.

60 minutes - 80€ / 30 minutes – 50€

‘Hot stone massage’

Using the heat and healing properties from the basalt stones this massage detoxifies you body and relaxes both body and mind alike.

60 minutes - 130€ / 30 minutes – 70€

Petits fours for the body

‘Body exfoliation with a salted butter and citrus fondue & apricot oil body treatment’

45 minutes - € 60 / 70 minutes – € 98

‘Relaxation massage with apricot-flavoured sugar Flocons’

30 minutes - € 50

Gourmet wrap

Wonderfully moisturising body treatment (hazelnut exfoliation, vanilla-scented wrap)

60 minutes - € 80

Body treatments & facials

‘White day… Wet day… Green hours’

When it snows or rains, it is time to unwind in the hotel… The mind is at rest, the body barely stirs or maybe gradually awakens from a siesta. Why not indulge in some ‘flocons de sel’ petits fours for a spot of sugar-kissed well-being…? Facial & body massage.

1 h 45 min - € 150

‘Relaxation massage with apricot-flavoured sugar Flocons & a mixed-fruit delights facial’

80 minutes - € 98

‘Arnica and juniper muscle rescue’

This massage and treatment has what it takes to release muscular tension, relieve fatigue, banish cares and restore vitality, well-being and peace of mind.

90 minutes - € 120

Slimming treatment

‘Detoxifying & slimming massage’

Indulge yourself with a macadamia nut exfoliation followed by an active toning massage that will help to reduce cellulite.

90 minutes - 120€ / four treatments - 360€

Exotic treatments

‘Hot stone massage’

Using the heat and healing properties from the basalt stones, this massage detoxifies your body and relaxes both body and mind.

60 minutes - 130€ / 30 minutes – 70€

‘Thai foot reflexology’

Improves circulation and provides deep relaxation.

50 minutes - 75€